Noorden Mixtape 26: Aleks

Haarlem (NL) based hardware-loving producer Aleks contributes the 26th episode of the Noorden mixtape series. Fans of dusty, distorted, tape-recorded house music very likely came across his productions in the last couple of months on Soundcloud. With Inverted Audio already having him on the »shortlist for rookie of the year«, we highly entrust you to keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming EPs on natural sciences and Hesperian Sound Division. An ambient album on Shimmering Moods is hitting the shelves later this year as well.

After a bunch of live-set uploads this podcast marks Aleks’ debut DJ mixtape. It’s a compilation of (mostly unreleased) material he picked up while digging through the depths of the soundcloud crates. »There is so much yet to discover from people who are not shouting about with their stuff. I’m always on the lookout for that.«

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