[Sgustok Pod 009] Dominic Razlaff: Sgustok Podcast 009

Dominic Razlaff: Sgustok Podcast 009

Dominic Razlaff (aka DR), born 1982 is an ambient musician from Braunschweig, Germany. Interested in making music since 2007. In the year 2009 he bought his first synthesizer (Novation Xio), that has changed a lot. From this day DR was more interested in sounddesign and it has moved more and more towards ambient music. Currently he produce the most tracks with classic subtractive synthesis and record it on a Fostex X-15, later edited with some granular synthesis tools and field recordings. Uses synthesizers, field recordings, tape loops & franular synthesis to create melancholy, deep, ambient / drone soundscapes.

Label: Sgustok Music
Catalog#: SGUSTOK POD 009
Format: File, MP3, Mixed, Podcast
Country: Belarus
Released: 01 Jun 2016
Style: Ambient, Drone


01. Jannick Schou – Blue Hills
02. José Soberanes – Atemporal
03. Dominic Razlaff (aka DR) – Inselwall (Field Rec.)
04. Umchunga – In The Midst
05. Blaine Redden – Thank You
06. Forme – Pulse
07. Dominic Razlaff (aka DR) – Train Station, Hamburg
08. Dominic Razlaff (aka DR) – Nine Layers
09. Stéphane Marin – Bourrasques
10. Aino Tytti – Hellissandur Mast (GRD 7970)
11. April Larson – Cosmos
12. Dominic Coppola – Beloved I

Dominic Razlaff – Sgustok Podcast 009 (160,3 mb)