My approach to this Wondercast was like a ride. Baguenader means strolling, but also having the hands in the pockets, it is also the name of a tree traveller. This is my personal definition of Ambient. Electronic music has many facets, beneath the dancefloor, you can evade to uncountable different sounds. My personal vision of music is like walking, my hands in the pockets, and my head in a dream. Before stepping into electronic music, I have learned traditional instruments, and have a soft spot for bowed contrabass and piano. I quickly realised that I didn’t want to be part of a band, but get the physical feel with the instrument. Working with netlabels is something I appreciate, I love the artisanal aspect of doing music, especially now that everything is run by the music industry. Not having selling objectives gives you the freedom to make what you really like. Both my parents are musicians are musicians, making big money has never been the final objective. The goal was more to jamming around fine food, and I think I have kept that spirit.

Wondercast by Barbara Khamounguinoff
Artowrk by Jonathan Mangelinckx

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About The Author

Wondermachine is dedicated to spontaneous music inventions and experimentation, especially focused on interaction between electronics and other improvised forms of music. The purpose is to encourage the expression of very personal visions, try to achieve fusions of different musical languages and develop new structures.