Carla Agulló alias Xols may not yet be a household name on the international club stage, though she is clearly on her way to get there sooner rather than later. Already running her second label Red Panda Music (after the now discontinued Omicron Records) and having played widely in her home town Barcelona but also across Europe, she is now focusing on her own musical vision by releasing her sixth EP and preparing to bring this into the club scene in the form of a kickin’ liveset. On “Illuminati Confirmed”, Carla is developing her own vision of a techno sound which seems both ready for the future but also well-grounded in the past. Whereas all five tracks are pushing straight for the floor, their influences seem to come from different eras and regions, including references to the more tracky sound of Chicago house but also not shying away from more string-driven and atmospherically dark stompers and peaktime acid tracks which invite you to collectively freak out. What binds all tracks together is the highly functional use of vocals which drive the tracks in very different ways and contribute to the old school appeal Xols manages to evoke here.


  1. be smart
  2. off the ground
  3. upgrade your soul
  4. FNORD
  5. functional
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