Grosses Album auf dem österreichischen LabelLaridae. Das hat echt das Zeug zur Legende.

it’s hard. it’s distorted. it’s insane. it’s xbot7. being the bad twin brother of one of austria’s most versatile (but almost unknown) electronic music acts, XboT7 has earned the fame as merciless, but still funky torturer of helpless audiowaves, reliably hard, brutal and bizarre, located somewhere between industrial, drum&bass and noise. now laridae is proud to release a full length compilation of his best works, making the works of this great artist available to a broader audience.

nice interesting broadcast part 1
formad bizarre
through skin towards this side
alex the great lost a call in macedonia
wave this
wt16-3 4s1x
weg zwo 3
la alta traicion
thats the way i sleep
you ghost a
through skin towards the other side
self IG

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4 Responses

  1. Triphoop

    Hi XboT7,

    this is exceptional work! I have never heard such a great distorted piece of excellence.

    Hope to see you live some day.

    Respect from Japan,


  2. xbot7

    would like to hear from you again.. plzcontact via xbot7 at