Drumfunk vom allerfeinsten auf der neuen Exegene. Das Label wird einfach immer nur besser.

Finally! Here’s the much anticipated release from the badboy chopmeister dgoHn and his trusty slice tool. With releases forthcoming on Subtle Audio and Counter Intelligence, theres no doubt you’ll be hearing some hardcore precision beat mangling from him in the near future.
As for now, dgoHn (or John as he’s sometimes known as to those who don’t change J’s for d’s and g’s and dont use capital letters half way through their names) unleashes an aural assault of clanging breaks, pulsating subbasses, broken decaying pianos, and all out precisely placed bleeps and other wonderful effects. Oh, and to prove he’s not a total madman, we have ‘Squish’, a subtle little melodic downbeat track to finish up the release. Brilliant!


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  1. Elvin


    You’re kinda tough to find in the bins and things, are there any online stores or distro centers pushing your joints?